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Piano Online - Introduction - Page 1


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  1. Piano Keys are named for the first 7 letters in the alphabet, starting with A and ending with G. We identify the white keys by their position around the black keys. Ex: The A Key is found between the two top black keys in each group of 3 black keys. (See picture of the A Key)


    Using the pictures of the keys on this page, play all of the A Keys on your piano or keyboard. Now play all of the B Keys. The C Keys. The D Keys. E, F, and finally the G Keys. Continue playing and naming these white keys. To test your memory after practice, close your eyes and play any key. Open your eyes while playing and name the key! How did you do? Continue practicing until you can correctly indentify any key you play. Remember to use the black keys to help.

    When you are comfortable with naming the white keys, you may proceed to Page 4 of the Introductory Lesson.

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