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Piano Online - Introduction - Page 1


Listen to this Lesson (requires RealPlayer G2)

  1. Now we have come to the most exciting page in the introductory lesson! This is your chance to play a real song!
  2. Listen while I play Ode To Joy, by Beethoven.


  1. Now you are going to play this beautiful song. Using your right hand, place all 5 fingers on the keyboard with your thumb (1) on middle C. Your 2nd finger is on D, 3rd is on E, 4th is on F, and 5th finger is on G.
  2. Following the Letter Names and Finger Numbers, play Ode To Joy. Hold the two keys at the end of each line a little longer than the others.

This is the end of the INTRODUCTORY LESSON. I hope you have enjoyed completing this first phase!

I look forward to working with you and leading you into the wonderful experience of playing the piano!

Every time five lessons are completed and submitted by the student, the teacher will record and post a critique of the student's performance. This critique will be made available in RealAudio and linked to the student's section at Lessons4You.com.

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